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Shy FX Essential mix 11/12/2005

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Shy FX
'Ba Ba Boom' - The Jamaicans(Trojan)
'Everyday' (Chase and Status remix) - Shy Fx & T Power feat Top Cat (Digital Soundboy)
'Girls' - Potential Badboy (Ganja)
'Untitled' - Visionary (Digital Soundboy)
'Phantom Force' - Digital (Dubplate)
'Champion DJ ( VIP )' - Top Cat (Conga Natty)
'Original Nuttah ( VIP )' - Shy Fx & UK Apache (Digital Soundboy)
'On The Run ( VIP )' - Shy Fx feat. David Boomah (Digital Soundboy)
'On The Run' - Shy Fx feat. David Boomah (Digital Soundboy)
'Move Your' - DKay (Bingo)
'Friends' - Roni Size (Dubplate)
'Soundboy Burial' - Visionary (Digital Soundboy)
'Turn Down the Lights' - Benny Page (Digital Soundboy)
'The Good Old Days' - DJ Die & Clipz (Dubplate)
'The Calling' - Benny Page (Digital Soundboy)
'Untitled' - Breakage (Digital Soundboy)
'Stay High' - Calibre (Dubplate)
'Super Fly' - Unknown Artsist (Unknown)
'Plastic Soul' - Shy Fx (Digital Soundboy)
'I Can't Help It' - Michael Jackson (Unknown)
'Don't Rush' - Shy Fx feat. Di & Kat Francois (Digital Soundboy)
'Deep' - TC (Dubplate)
'Headz Must Roll' - Hazard (Dubplate)
'Lovers Rock' - Shy Fx & T Power feat Yush (Digital Soundboy)
'MK Ultra' - Amit (Dubplate)
'Untitled' - Insight (Digital Soundboy)
'Hidden' - Miracle (Dubplate)
'Distorted Strings' - Mishiko (Digital Soundboy)
'Feelings' - Shy Fx & T Power (Digital Soundboy)
'Loves Theme' - Chase and Status (Bingo)
'Love Theme' - Willie Hutch (Unknown)
'Lost Friends' - Jenna G (Unknown)
'Dirty Down' - Calibre (Unknown)
'Unavailable' - Shy FX & T Power ft Di (Unknown)
'In Love' - Jenna G (Unknown)
'Mindgame' - Unknown Artists (Unknown)
' Scum City ' - Dope Dragon (Unknown)
'Digital Soundboy Dubplate' - Digital Soundboy (Dubplate)
'Li Li (Remix)' - Dope Dragon (Unknown)
'Unknown' - Spirit (Unknown)
'Art & Illusion' - Raf & Ill Logic (Unknown)
'Urban Tribe' - Benny Page (Unknown)
'Unknown' - Unknown Artist (Unknown)
' Funk Academy ' - DJ Fresh (Unknown)
'Entertainer' - Digital Soundboy Club (Digital Soundboy)
'Muddy Waters' - Dope Dragon (Unknown)
'Jam Rock' - Unknown Artist (Unknown)
'Unknown' - Unknown Artist (Unknown)
' Swan Lake ' - Twisted (Unknown)
'Sheets' - Shy FX & T Power (Digital Soundboy)
'Between The Sheets' - Isley Brothers (Epic)
'Sunburn' - Digital Soundboy (Dubplate)
'Compton' - D Minds and TC (D Style)
'Dream' - The Game (Interscope)

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